Rasmus Sigvaldi

Velkommen til min hjemmeside.

Jeg har i mange år arbejdet som grafisk designer og tekstforfatter, men er nu ved at forfølge min aller ældste barnedrøm om at blive fotograf.

Nogen gange skal man gå den lange vej, for at komme til målet.

Du kan finde mine kontaktoplysninger her.

– Rasmus Sigvaldi

Case: Sydfyns Trælegetøj

Wooden Toys by Sydfyns Trælegetøj. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Sydfyns Trælegetøj since 2000 when I first did their logo and a flyer. Since then I have created their visual identity keeping a suttle expression inspired by the swiss masters.

Starting out creating the catalogue I had a brief to just show the products. But with a company like this there was a story that needed to be told. A story about their strong family heritage and how they insist on doing good while producing their quality toys in Southern Vietnam.


Photos: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Graphic Design: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Copy: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Illustrations: Rasmus Sigvaldi

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