Rasmus Sigvaldi

Rasmus Sigvaldi studies photography in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He has a background as a graphic designer.

Please find his contact info here.

Case: Sydfyns Trælegetøj

Wooden Toys by Sydfyns Trælegetøj. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Sydfyns Trælegetøj since 2000 when I first did their logo and a flyer. Since then I have created their visual identity keeping a suttle expression inspired by the swiss masters.

Starting out creating the catalogue I had a brief to just show the products. But with a company like this there was a story that needed to be told. A story about their strong family heritage and how they insist on doing good while producing their quality toys in Southern Vietnam.


Photos: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Graphic Design: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Copy: Rasmus Sigvaldi
Illustrations: Rasmus Sigvaldi

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