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Welcome to the website of freelance creative consultant Rasmus Sigvaldi.

Here you can browse through selected works I have contributed to in the fields of graphic design, photography, idea generation and copy writing.

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Copy Writing

What is it good for?

Well, quite a lot, if you ask me.

Copy is often looked upon as being dull. At least compared to interesting things like pictures of mountains, hairy pets or people stumbling. Since we can’t always show mountains, hairy pets or stumbling people, sometimes we need to grab attention using copy. Often boiled down to a sentence or even one simple word.

Fortunately copy is far from dull. It is subtle, it can have double or even triple meanings but the best thing is, how copy and pictures together can turn your head on it’s head and make two and two mean a lot more than four.

Of course the tone of the copy must be true to the brand. If the brand is funky, sexy and playful the copy needs to be just that. Funky, sexy and playful.

During the last 15 years I have worked with copy in advertising. Always alongside my role as a graphic designer and concept developer and always with the intend to ad those extra layers and twists between the lines that make it come to life. Through the years I have worked with copy in ads, posters, web sites, tag lines, slogans, tv scripts and catalouges. Among other. Mostly in danish, but I work fluently in english as well.

Please browse through and take a look at some of the copy and conceptual work I have done during the years.

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